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Learn the 6 Things Cats Enjoy Doing Most to Make Your Cat Love You More

June 2, 2023

Cats, known for their aloofness independence, yet can still form deep bonds with their owners. Understanding what cats love to do can enhance the bond between the owner and the feline friend significantly. Here are six things cats enjoy doing the most, and embedding these activities into your interaction can definitely make your cat love you more!

Playing Interactive Games

Cats are predators by nature and they are naturally inclined towards interactive games that mimic hunting. Incorporating playtime in their daily routine is beneficial for their physical and mental health. Use toys like a fake mouse or feathers on a string to keep your cat engaged while simulating a hunting scenario. It adds to their happiness and helps to deepen your bond.


Owning Safe and Cozy Hideouts

Cats value their own personal space, where they can retreat and relax undisturbed. Providing safe and cozy hideouts, such as cat beds, soft blankets, or even cardboard boxes, allows your cat to feel secure and protected. These secluded spots serve as their sanctuary, where they can observe their surroundings without feeling exposed. Creating such comforting environments shows your cat that you understand and respect their need for solitude, fostering a sense of contentment and love.


Exploring New Spaces

Cats love to explore in and around their homes. Their curiosity is infinite when it comes to exploring new spaces or enjoying their favorite spots. They love climbing, scratching, and marking their territory. In domestic settings, providing them with tall cat trees, different toys, and hidden treats within the house can satisfy their curiosity, keep them entertained, and make them feel more attached to you.



Cats are self-cleaning, spending a significant portion of their time grooming. Generally speaking, they will appreciate it when their owners take part in this activity. Brushing your cat, for instance, not only helps keep their fur clean, but also feels good and can be a bonding time. Moreover, it’s a sign that you care for them.



Cats also enjoy being pet, but not all in the same way. Finding the perfect spot and the right touch can give them immense pleasure. Generally, most cats prefer being stroked on the cheeks, chin, and the base of their tail. However, it is crucial to pay close attention to your cat’s responses during petting. Remember, they usually reciprocate love and affection when it’s on their terms.


Engaging in Conversation

While cats may not understand human language, they do respond to the tone and cadence of our voices. Engaging in conversations with your feline friend, using a soft and soothing voice, can create a deep sense of companionship. Cats often respond positively to melodic sounds, so talking or singing to them can be enjoyable for both parties. Regular vocal interactions build trust, make them feel valued, and enhance the emotional connection, making your cat love you even more.


Wrap up

Anyhow, cats may require a lot of patience and attention to understand their needs, but once you tap into their likes, they can form a deep-seated bond with you. Do not underestimate the power of play, bestowing them safe hideouts, exploration, grooming, petting, and conversations, as these significantly influence how your cat perceives and cherishes you. Remember that each cat is unique, so observe, learn, adapt, and reciprocate their love to foster a loving environment that your feline friend can thrive in. With these steps, you’ll not just be your cat’s owner, but its trusted companion, too.