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Chinese Crested Dog Wins Champion Title at 2023 Ugliest Dog Contest in California

July 25, 2023

Scott, a 7-year-old Chinese Crested dog, was crowned the champion at the 2023 Ugliest Dog Contest held in California. Scott and his owner took the stage together to accept the award, happily posing with their tongues out for photos. The judges expressed that Scott’s story of growth was heartwarming and that he changed people’s perception of the word “ugly” by radiating warmth.


According to the New York Post, the city of Petaluma hosted the competition on the 23rd, where Scott, with his unique appearance and lopsided tongue, triumphed over seven other dogs, earning the title of “World’s Ugliest Dog of 2023.” Scott’s owner, Elmquist, stated that the award was well-deserved for Scott, and they excitedly stuck their tongues out together for photos.


In fact, Scott’s journey of growth is truly touching. Due to a birth defect that left one of his hind legs deformed and twisted, Scott faced the possibility of euthanasia shortly after birth. Fortunately, members of an animal rescue organization encountered him and decided to adopt him. Under the careful care of his adoptive owner, Scott gradually regained his health.


Elmquist, Scott’s current owner, is also a member of the animal rescue organization and took over Scott’s care when his previous owner could no longer provide for him. Elmquist revealed that Scott could only walk on his front legs as a puppy and easily became fatigued as he grew older. Later, with the help of a veterinarian, Scott received a cart that improved his mobility, and now he happily runs around at a faster pace.


Judge Schwartz, in an interview, expressed that Scott allowed people to feel love and inspiration through his uniqueness, changing the meaning of the word “ugly.” He said, “Scott makes you feel love and inspiration through his differences, like a little heater that makes you smile unconsciously whenever you see his little tongue sticking out.”


Scott’s story is not just about the victory of an ugly dog but also a tale of courage and perseverance. Although his appearance is distinct, he won people’s love and respect with his unique qualities. Scott is more than just a dog; he has become a symbol that conveys messages of care, acceptance, and courage to the world.


Thought-provokingly, Scott’s story also prompts people to reflect on the definition of beauty and ugliness. Although his appearance is considered “ugly,” his soul is beautiful. His happiness, strength, and selfless love reveal an alternative form of beauty. Scott’s existence reminds us that beauty lies not only in appearances but also in the kindness and courage within.


Scott’s triumph has not only brought tremendous encouragement to him and his owner, Elmquist, but also given hope and courage to many others. His story inspires people to embrace and cherish every unique existence, no longer judging others’ worth based on their appearances. Scott’s championship honor is not just his personal victory but a global triumph, demonstrating the power of humanity to redefine and embrace beauty.


Scott’s story will continue to inspire more people to pay attention to and protect animals, as well as cherish every life. His presence reminds us that every life deserves respect and care, regardless of outward appearance. Scott, the world’s ugliest dog champion, has changed the world’s perception of beauty and ugliness with his warmth and courage, becoming an imperfect yet loving story.