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Why Do Cats Like to Sit in Squares So Much?

July 23, 2023

If you regularly walk in a city square or park, you may often see some cats choose to rest or sit in the square. This phenomenon has led people to wonder why cats are so fascinated by squares. In this article, we will discuss and introduce several reasons to explain this kind of cat’s behavior.


First of all, the square is usually an open and spacious area. For cats, this kind of space provides more freedom and room to move around. They can walk, run and stretch freely in the square. Compared to small rooms, squares give cats a greater sense of freedom, allowing them to better play their nature.


Further more, squares are usually rich in environmental stimulation. Cats are curious animals and are very interested in new things and new environments. There may be a variety of sounds, smells, and visual stimuli in the square that can get your cat's attention. They like to observe people and things around them, and chase birds or insects. The variety and excitement of the square make it a favorite place for cats to stay.


In addition to those above mentioned reasons, the crowd and other animals in the square also attracted the cat's attention. Cats are social animals and enjoy interacting with people and other animals. People in the square may offer the cat food or play, which makes the cat feel noticed and loved. In addition, there may be other cats in the square, and they can communicate by observing, smelling, or greeting each other. This kind of social interaction is very important for cats.


Last but not least, the square is usually a quiet and relaxing place. Compared to busy streets and noisy environments, squares are usually more peaceful and peaceful. This quiet environment will give the cat a place to relax and rest. They can find a comfortable corner, away from the noise and stress, and enjoy a quiet time.


All in all, cats like to sit in the square may be due to a combination of factors. The square provides open Spaces, rich environmental stimulation, social interaction and quiet environments that attract the attention and affection of cats. If you often see cats resting in the square, you might as well provide a comfortable and safe environment for them to enjoy the fun and relaxation brought by the square.